Jan 25, 2012

The Studio

This is the Studio, a lot happened since this. This magic place is located in Buenos Aires Downtown at the historical (and sometimes histerical Avenida de Mayo). In the last picture is Dorita ;)
Este es el Studio, mucho pasó desde esto. Este lugar mágico está ubicado en el centro de Buenos Aires, en la histórica (y a veces histérica Avenida de Mayo) En la última foto aparece Dorita ;)


ROXY MARJ said...

Dominique! I just now saw the comment you left on my blog over a month ago! So sorry for not responding to it right away....I am really bad about that.. :/ it's the same with phone texting. Sometimes I won't respond for a whole day or two or not at all because i just plain forget. Anyways, I think that is so interesting about Jenny's blog and and then you saw my comment. Serendipitous indeed! Hope all is well with you and I wish I new spanish! OH...I did watch some thing on your blog though a couple months ago that had you featured on the discovery channel there in Argentina [correct?] it was really neat to see! xo

maria eugenia said...

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